Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You Mom Reunion Contest

I am very blessed to live in the same town as my Mom.  I don't know what I would do without her (and my Dad) sometimes.  Now..... I am a realist and one day we will probably be in separate towns, but for now, I am loving the opportunity for my children to grow up with involvement from their grandparents.  

P&G is having a contest for all of those children that live quite a distance away from their Mothers.  Its called "Thank You Mom Reunion" and its a contest!  The contest is to help reunite Moms and their children for special family moments that they might normally miss- like birthdays and graduations.  This contest will bring together 105 mothers/children!

I know, if I lived away from my mother and someone was offering the opportunity to win a travel voucher so that I could spend time with my Mother, I would jump on it, which is why I am passing along the information!

In order to win one of the 105 (15 a mo for 10 mos) reunions, you must 100 word essay describing why you'd like to be reunited with your Mother.  Consumers will vote!  The winners will also win a portable digital video camera in order to capture the sweet and special moments!

I don't know if there is anything quite like watching your mother playing with your children.  I have enjoyed seeing a different side to my mother.  She is much more laid back with my kids than she ever was with us.  My mother focuses on making memories with all her grandchildren.  

The contest began on May 6th, but you still have plenty of time to enter, so go here now!

*I received no compensation for this post, but by posting this I am eligible to win one of 10 gift cards with monetary value.  

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  1. My mom lives in SC, and we're in Ohio. I've lived apart from her by several states since college. I miss living near her. I've realized that as I gain more years to myself being a mother, I need my own mom that much more.
    God Bless our moms!