Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Debt Free! Giveaway

Hey bloggers!  Guess what?  We're having a giveaway over at the Hyperactive Lu Facebook page!  This contest is open to those who have Facebook and don't.

My long time readers and family will know that Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey have a special place in our hearts.  Because of the help that we love to give back.  Almost 5 years ago, my parents signed us up for FPU when we were at the lowest spot of our marriage- with each other, financially and spiritually.

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University is a 13 week study that you attend at a local church or place in your community.   During the class you have a chance to connect with other attenders, answer some questions and watch a DVD of Dave Ramsey going through the financial steps that he believes will help you achieve financial freedom.

The lessons that we learned in FPU are very straight forward and common sense.  Nothing gimmicky here, but the steps that you follow "in the program" have helped us.  It gave us direction, some knowledge that if we had heard it before, seemed to "click" this time.

By following the FPU program, we were able to save up $1000 in our emergency fund, go from 2 incomes down to 1, pay off $50,000 PLUS two babies medical bills during birth, etc (our insurance is NOT that great!) and are now on our way to adding 3 mos of living expenses to our emergency fund!

Becoming debt free, to me, is one of the best things you can do for your children and marriage.  Its amazing to think about the arguments we USE to have about money or maybe DIDN'T have about money.  Now, that we're on the same page mentally about our financial future and goals, we just fall in snyc with one another.  Sure, we both love to SPEND money, but when you have a goal and that goal will help you get places, it maybe saying No to each other a little easier!!!

OK, so here's the giveaway, we will be giving away a Financial Peace course in celebration of our 100 fans at the Facebook page.  It works wonderfully that it also coincides with our getting out of debt!

If you DO have Facebook, go "like" us!  If you don't have Facebook, comment here on the blog that you do not waste your time are not on Facebook and would still like to enter!

The more people you suggest to the Facebook page, the more entries you have.  Just make sure to write on the Facebook wall how many people that you suggested ended up "liking" the page.  If you don't use Facebook, then suggest this giveaway to friends, family, anyone who might be interested and once they've entered (by commented or going on to Facebook) leave a comment and let me know!

Thats it!  Easy as pie!  We'll leave the contest up and running for 2 weeks!  That means on October 10th we'll choose a winner using!

We really do wish we could give everyone a free course to FPU.  We try to do these giveaways as often as we can afford.  And as always, if you do happen to win or go to an FPU, pass it on.  Give it to someone else that you know is having a rough time or to a young couple just starting off.  What a blessing this would have been for our marriage if we had taken this BEFORE we got married!  It would have saved us from countless mistakes during our first few years of marriage.

Good luck to all!

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